Presentations and Publications

In keeping with my mission to engage bondholders why they need to be taking climate change and global warming more seriously, and to explain to NGOs that investors actually include people who buy bonds I have put out a number of publications and travelled to speak at conferences across the globe. You can download some of my publications here as well as download and watch my presentations on this subject.

 Financial Risk Assessment as a Necessary Condition for Achieving a Resilience Transition: Presentation at Resilience 2017 on financial risks to socio-ecological transitions, Stockholm, August 2017.

Assessing the sources of stranded asset risk: a proposed framework: A proposed framework for the analysis of stranded asset risks for investors.

PRI Webinar: ESG issues in the credit analysis of energy companies: An overview for credit investors of various ESG issues, particularly related to climate change, with the potential for negative credit impacts. (March 2017. Video)

Broadening the scope of credit risk analysisAn invited paper discussing how to expand the scope of risk analysis to include a range of climate and natural capital risks for investors.

Assessing the sources of stranded asset risk: a proposed framework: An overview of the range of potential sources for stranded assets, presented at the First Stranded Assets Conference, Smith School of Business and the Environment, University of Oxford, September 2015.

Understanding Green Bonds: Imperial College Business School’s report setting out in clear language what makes green bonds different from conventional bonds and exploring the questions of who buys green bonds, and for what reasons.

Climate Change and the Cost of Capital in Developing Countries (UN Environment, 2018): This report represents the first systematic effort to assess the relationship between climate vulnerability, sovereign credit profiles, and the cost of capital in developing countries.