About GPC

I have over three decades’ experience working in bond markets, mostly as as a corporate bond analyst. In this role, I have had roles dealing with bond investors, rating agencies, and investment banks. As a bond analyst on both the Sell and Buy sides, including a stint at Moody’s, I have covered most corporate sectors, with a particular knowledge base in industrials, some sectors of which I started following in the 1980s. As a Sell-Side analyst at both Citigroup (1998-2006) and Société Générale (2010-2016) I was often ranked as a top analyst in both Industrials and Consumer sectors in several established investor polls.

I have spent a number of years thinking and writing about environmental matters, including producing Moody’s first report on environmental risks in 1991. Over the past several years I have published a number of ESG-related reports through Société Générale, including a general overview of ESG issues for credit investors, a risk model for analysing climate and natural capital risks, and a number of reports on issues such as Green Bonds, shale gas and fracking, stranded assets, and other climate-related issues. This has led to a number of interactions with a range of NGOs, particularly climate-related NGOs, with whom I am still engaging on a number of projects. My focus now is expanding risk assessment tools above and beyond traditional approaches to credit risks, particularly in assessment of Climate and Natural Capital risks.

I have recently been appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College Business School. I will be pursuing research into the Green Funding issue, particularly some of the issues surrounding Green Bonds, as well as further investigations into the quantification of climate and natural capital risks.

 — Bob Buhr


Companies House registration no. 10556079. Green Planet Consulting is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales.