I operate at the intersection between investors and NGOs. I have three decades experience as a bond analyst, which has involved talking with bond investors (and being one at two firms,) rating agencies (one of which I worked for,) and investment banks (two of which I worked for.) I have also spent a number of years thinking and writing about environmental matters, including Moody’s first report on environmental risks in 1991. Over the past several years I have published a number of ESG-related reports, including a general overview of ESG issues for credit investors, a risk model for analyzing climate and natural capital risks, and a number of reports on issues such as Green Bonds, shale gas and fracking, stranded assets, and other climate-related issues. I have also had numerous interactions with a range of NGOs, particularly climate-related NGOs, with whom I am still engaging on a number of projects.

This blog is for regular commentary on ESG issues, particularly climate and natural capital, that are likely to have impacts on investors.

Bob Buhr